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Maximise your profit margins and sales
Knowing your stock sales, wastage and GP's is just the start

Meeting the needs of the hospitality industry across Kent & Sussex.

We deal with all aspects of stocktaking, onsite reporting including stock holding, product variance report and wastage report.
so ask yourself, can you afford not to?​
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We use the latest audit software as supported by the Institute of Licence Trade Stock Auditors.

Pubs Clubs Bars and Hotels
We have the hospitality industrial wrapped up.

Times are hard; we know that so let us take some of the hassles out of it all.  Our range of services tailored to the SME allows you to focus on the reasons you started your business in the first place.  Don't worry about the hours lost on dealing with all the red tape and associated hassles of running your own business. We are here to help. 

You wouldnt, would you?

Common Questions we are asked

You wouldn’t dream of buying a new car and not having it serviced by a competent mechanic, so why take such chances with your business?

 You've just moved into the new premises, but how are you going to reach those profits you put into the business plan?

Your an operator who’s been beavering away and not noticed your annual profits dwindle?

Perhaps you feel your business needs an independent eye to keep up with the latest developments.

Where can you get this advice on a regular basis at a reasonable cost? From a stocktaker, that’s where.

We are that stocktaker, we offer expert and unbiased advice each and every time......so let us ask you, why do you need one?

How much stock am I carrying?
Do I have enough stock to last the week? Poor cashflow due to money being spent on slow selling products.

What G.P. % am I achieving?
How does that compare with similar businesses and is it the maximum that can be attained? Often a 3% variance in gross profit can mean the success or failure of a business. A good stock auditor will explain the implications of the estimated, as well as the actual gross profit percentage.

What does a particular promotion actually cost me?
All too often poorly performing businesses operate discounts or buy-ins with little or no thought of the full implications of the profit. Providing discounts need to be carefully costed out so that it generates more profit rather than adding to the costs of the business.

How do I maintain G.P. % after a supplier increase?
In the last couple of years, if prices have not been increased correctly, margins have been greatly squeezed – it is then extremely difficult to maintain margins in future years.

Are my costs reasonable?
It is very easy to under declare allowances resulting in a deficit or alternatively and much more commonly cover up a loss by making excessive allowances. Both can have serious repercussions.

If the G.P% is under-achieving, how do I improve on it?
Often the stock auditor will be able to give pertinent advice on prices in a particular area and how to maximize profits.

Your accountant will organize your books if it is necessary, but this takes additional time, and usually at a much greater cost.
Larger companies have separate bookkeeping and accounting departments, and they do so because it helps them to better track their business. It also enables them to make better plans and adjustments for the future. You can get the same kinds of results if you take advantage of our bookkeeping service.

If your books are well organized you will be able to spot some trends even before your accountant is able to give you a more complete reckoning.

so ask yourself, can you afford not to?​