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Your Local Bookkeeping & Payroll Co.
Bookkeeping Solutions for your Business
Completing monthly P&L's and explaining the results in layman's terms is just the start of what we can offer.

GIH Direct Bookkeeping offeres complete face to face feedback with full reports and advise on what the numbers mean to your business.

Simple, honest advice each and every time.


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Times are hard; we know that so let us take some of the hassle out of it all.

Our range of services are tailored to the SME which allows you to focus on the reasons you started your business in the first place.  Don't worry about the hours lost on dealing with all the red tape and associated hassles of running your own business.

We are here to help.

We are business partners with three of the top names in bookkeeping and accountancy products which means we can offer a fast professional service taking the hassles and stress out of everyday bookkeeping while still leaving you fully in control with as much or as little interface with your accounts as you wish.

All our work is completed to the highest degree of accuracy and efficiency making sure that you are compliant to legal requirments.  We work effortlessly to ensure all our work is performed around your schedule at a time that is most convenient for your business.

We offer expect and unbiased advice each and every time.

Well ask yourself, can you afford not to?

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End Of Year

GIH Direct Bookkeeping
Seven good reasons you need a bookkeeper?
  1. Time is money
    What more important, spending what time you do have earning money and getting new clients or sitting at home doing paperwork. We all know the real answer but the Tax man will say different. Let us take over your bookkeeping responsibilities, what might take you four or more hours in a week to do poorly, your dedicated bookkeeper can get done in half the time, and get it done right.
  2. Audits
    Having your books in order can help if you are ever audited. It makes it easier to prove your documentation if you are able to produce it in a timely manner. We will liaise with the Tax office and even host them while your books are audited
  1. Employee Hours
    You will be able to tell if you are using your manpower wisely. If you can keep a running tab on how much you are spending on labour compared to the amount of revenue you are generating. You can maximise your profits. With our payroll service you also know that each staffis getting the correct amounts for the hours they work. Holidays, SSP end of year slips its all covered by the team at GIH Direct
  2. Direction
    If your books are well organized you will be able to spot some trends even before your accountant is able to give you a more complete reckoning.
  3. Lack of motivation
    For some business proprietors the task of bookkeeping to be onerous and therefore they do a terrible job of it. A bad job on the books can have serious repercussions when it’s time for tax preparation. By using GIH DIrect you will be getting a team who keeps books for a living, someone who actually thrives on the detail work.
  4. Where is that darn receipt?
    If you have an equipment breakdown and need proof-of-purchase to get a tool or machine fixed if it’s under warranty, or replaced if it isn’t, you want to be able to find that paperwork immediately. If all your receipts for the year are stuffed helter-skelter in shoe boxes and paper bags what chance do you have. We scan all paperwork so at any given time we can email your copy receipts as you need them. All hard copy paperwork is filled and stored for safe keeping so you have peace and mind at all times.
  5. Accounting
    Your accountant will organize your books if it is necessary, but this takes additional time, and usually at a much greater cost. Larger companies have separate bookkeeping and accounting departments, and they do so because it helps them to better track their business. It also enables them to make better plans and adjustments for the future. You can get the same kinds of results if you take advantage of our bookkeeping service.
Pub Accounts
Starting a new venture in the licence trade

Taking on a Pub is stressfull and a masive investiment in both time and money.  We cant reduce the time nor the money involved in taking on a pub but we can help ease the pressure and stress during the process.

Whether buying a pub outright or taking a pub with a lease, you must ensure all the required papework is completed prior to any contract signing.

What type of venture are you wanting to trade. 
Who are your competiors?
What are your strenght?
How are they trading?
What price are they selling products for? 
Whats the history of the bsuiness like?
What are the sale trends?
What are the recent barrelage figures?
What was the last set of accounts like?  
What are the rates?
Is their a market for you?

IS the business plan complete?
SWOT review completed?
What VAT requirments are there?
Any PAYE commitments?
Registered for MGD tax payments?
Does the site need refurbishment?
What Promotions and new products are you able to use?

Then theres the all important 5 yrs cash flow forcast
Pofit and Loss forecast
Ingoing costs
Tax libilities

The list just keeps going, and trying to fly solo on this one will in all probability mean your fall short of either brewery application requirments, or miss preventable issues during first couple years of trading.

GIH Direct Pub Accounts is ready to help you through this minefield.  We have been with many of our customers since they started trading, and each month we continue to give sound advice and alternitive ideas on ways they can continue to drive their business forward.

Its not easy and if people tell you other wise they havent been where you stand today.   It is a rewarding industiy, offering a good social life, and when done right, can provide a good profit.  But getting it wrong during the first importanmt steps wil cedrtainly lead to issues and problems later down the line.  Get the right advise early and grow your business to match your initial dreams.

Payroll Services
Taking the work out of payroll

Holidays & Materinity
Treating your staff fairly

When and Where

Staying the right side of the law

Weekly, Monthly?
Cash or Bacs?

We advise and manage your payroll process, you send a weekly summary for all your staff and we do the rest.

After each pay run we produce Payslips and summary reports for all employee's.  We detail the tax due and give details of payment.  Our partnership with True Potential LLP allows us to recommend them as a option for a pension provider. Again ensuring you staywith the law each payrun.

Staff, rightly so have legal working rights and with so many different rules it can be hard to ensure you are treating your staff fairly.  Our payroll team can advice you on materiany pay structures, holiday periods and long term sickness.